Isabelle Christenson Memorial Scholarship

The Isabelle Christenson Memorial Scholarship awards a scholarship to an individual or family member of someone directly impacted by organ donation including transplant candidates, recipients and donor family members.

The scholarship is funded through Izzie’s Gifts of Hope Foundation in memory of Isabelle Christenson. Izzie was spunky, smart, feisty, caring, and thoughtful. She loved Tinkerbell and the movie Annie. She approached each day with a positive attitude and displayed a never-give-up spirit that naturally drew people to her. During her short life Isabelle required two transplants. She received a stomach, liver, small bowel, duodenum and pancreas in 2004 when she was 6 years old; and a kidney transplant two years later. Her transplants were her “Gift of Life” and even at such a young age, she was a strong advocate for the importance of organ donation because Izzie was always looking out for others. Isabelle died when she was 10 ½ years old and this scholarship honors her life and helps carry out her dreams.



Applicants must:

  1. You must be an organ transplant candidate, recipient, donor family member, living immediate family member of a transplant candidate or recipient
  2. Explain how donation / transplantation has influenced your life
  3. Explain what you have done or what you are currently doing do to promote organ, tissue and cornea donation
  4. Describe any community service or extra-curricular activities that you have taken part in
  5. Explain your educational / career goals
  6. Provide two letters of recommendation (not from family members)
  7. Provide a copy of your acceptance letter for a college / university / trade / technical school


Application Submission

Completed application packets including all materials must be in one envelope and postmarked by February 28, 2018.

Isabelle Christenson Memorial Scholarship
204 Sigma Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Note: Previous Isabelle Christenson Memorial Scholarship winners are not eligible. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Please direct any questions to: